Complete systems for producing intravenous solutions for medical administration.

We are the only company in the world that builds turnkeys for you and makes their own Blow Fill Seal machines; Rao provides alternatives to traditional Blow Fill Seal and provide bag type of technology as well.

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Advantages of working with us are that we are masters of manufacturing machinery because we are fully competent with the many nuances of IV Solutions manufacturing and packaging operations.

Comprehensive Systems include Water Processing, Distillation, Batch-making, Quality Assurance, Auxiliary Equipment, Laboratory, etc.

Intravenous solutions fluids manufacturing factories. Complete equipment for entire systems to produce aseptic liquids. Projects have capability to produce many containers for injectable medicine, eye care, etc.

Sterile injectable medical liquids are in great demand. Completed cGMP projects allow for local production and faster distribution of pharmaceuticals products.

Lucrative projects save lives and improve healthcare delivery. ROI and Payback are very favorable.

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Complete systems, with clean rooms, auxiliary equipment, and even factory buildings.

Engineering • Equipment • Installation • Commissioning


 227920-20140514 Live saving solutions. Often part of many treatments, curative in some conditions and supportive in many others. IV Bottles utilize an advanced sterile Blow Fill Seal technology, which is recognized by the FDA.