Blow Fill Seal Technology produces single unit dose containers that are ideal for premeasured liquid/ semi-liquid products. BFS Machinery can create user-friendly containers with easy dispensing.

respirualsSuitable for many industries:

Pharmaceutical, Nutraceuticals, Ophthalmic, Food, Beverage, Cosmetic, Chemical, Concentrated Products, Gels, and others.

We will integrate a turnkey so your product is consistent and delivers what you need.

Customizable packaging systems from fluid/ product processing, batch making to final packaging.

BFS Machinery can create user-friendly containers, with dispensing functions integrated into the shape and fluid volume. Making great for many applications like medical or laboratory.

Small Volume Parenterals and Large Volume Parenterals

Both, Small Volume Parenteral (SVP) and Large Volume Parenterals (LVP) are produced on our Blow-Fill-Seal machines. APT Blow-Fill-Seal machines aseptically produce SVP and LVP containers for medical purposes. Liquid Pharmaceuticals

Liquid pharmaceuticals products can be administered with ease over certain glass containers. Break off tabs, and semi-rigid containers offer flexibility.

Engineering • Equipment • Installation • Commissioning

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