Rao Design International is the Turnkey Solutions company.

Rao Design International provides engineered turnkey solutions for your new projects.

Frequently, we serve manufacturing industries for medical products, packaging, food, beverage, plastics, drinking water, and many others.

Uniquely, we provide projects with engineering, quality, reasonable costs, and fast response.



Rao Design can build your projects from the ground up.

Engineering • Equipment • Installation • Commissioning



Medical Sanitary Packaging Devices

Mineral Water Bottling Plants:

  1. Pet Pre-Form Injection Molding Unit
  2. Bottle Blow Molding Unit
  3. Cap Injection Molding Unit
  4. Water Filtering & Purification Unit
  5. Bottle Filling & Capping System
  6. Labeling
  7. Unitizing & Shrink Wrapping

Plastics Processing Machinery & Production Plants:

  1. Medical Sterile Packaging Devices
  2. Blow Molding Machines
  3. Injection Molding Machines
  4. Extrusion Lines
  5. Profile Sheet
  6. Blown Film Machines
  7. Bag Making Machinery
  8. Compounding Lines

Molds & Tooling:

  1. Blow Molds
  2. Pet Stretch Blow Molds
  3. Injection Molds
  4. Thermoforming Molds
  5. Molds for Biomedical Components

Packaging Lines & Systems:

  1. Capping Machines
  2. Bottle Filling Lines
  3. Wrapping & Cartoning Machines
  4. Bag Forming & Filling Machines
  5. Medical Sterile Packaging Plastics
  6. Sterile Blow-Fill-Seal