Decades of experience in producing custom tooling. If you have a drawing we will quote you quickly.


RAO produce machine parts for customers with, both, new concepts or to support their maintenance of existing projects or machines.

For many applications, including , but not limited to:

  • blow pins, knives, bushings, mandrels, striker plates, manifolds, etc.

Regularly produce tooling for extruder systems, dies, etc.

Other past projects include parts for:

  1. Conveyors Systems
  2. Punches
  3. Cutting and Trimming machinery
  4. Change Parts for filling systems
  5. Food Processing equipment
  6. Packaging Machinery


    Custom equipment for your custom projects- RAO

  7. Pharmaceutical Machinery
  8. Plastic Molding Machinery

Materials used are wide including steels, stainless steel, aluminum bronze, hardened steel, titanium, aluminum, hastelloy, bronze, beryllium copper, copper alloys, brass, PTFE, plastics and many other metal alloys.

In addition, we provide numerous machining services utilizing mills, lathes, grinding, and CNC.





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