Contact us on your custom new project and we will respond with a quote.

We provide you with an opportunity to mold plastic materials for applications that have not been tried before or not well known. We are easy to work with and will produce molded plastic prototypes. Rao Design International develops the manufacturing technology you need and desire.
  • Often, we develop molding applications ideal for many industries.
  • • For the medical industry, we created products with plastics  materials like EVA, LDPE, and others for flexible containers.
  • • Rigid products made from materials like polypropylene and  HDPE are some other offerings.

In order to further prove and develop these concepts, we design and build mold tools in house.

Whether is aseptic vials, various specimen collection, medical devices or to a brand new industrial concept we can provide sample runs of these items.

For new product concepts, which have never been done before, or creating new business lines, we will create samples parts suitable for manufacturing on a higher scale.
  1. We will produce molds for your custom products and produce plastic prototype parts.
  2. Blow Fill Seal trial containers.
    Test materials and possibly liquids.
  3. Fabricate custom handling or processing equipment



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