The Sterilizer manufactured by APT Inc. is designed for the best possible service to the needs of the customer.
We can provide systems to work with steam or hot water. Many plastic medical devices are not autoclavable, but with some of our systems that now becomes possible. Our system will sterilize many devices in large quantities.
This a very efficient and large autoclave, not like others. The autoclave/ sterilizer can handle large industrial demands.

The Super Heated Hot Water Spray Sterilizer has been very efficient. Sterilization System for sterilizing the Plastic Bottles and Containers made by Blow-Fill-Seal System. This system will sterilize ampoules or IV bottles, IV bags, etc.

This system can be efficiently used to perform the sterilization of containers made of Low Density & High-Density Polyethylene, Polypropylene, etc. by heating water above 100 Deg C (108 C) and still maintaining its liquid phase.
Please inquire with us. Let a master in medical device engineering and manufacturing assist you in the sterilization that you want in your production.

This system has integrated safeties and is made to be easy to operate. Pharmaceuticals and many hospitals items require sterile products as they have contact with blood and human tissue. Autoclaving may also assist in prolonging item shelf life. This system is made for large size loads and will process them in industrial scales.
Thousands of products can be autoclaved simultaneously which reduces costs and increases your available and profitable aseptic packages and products. We often incorporate this autoclave/ sterilizer system in Turnkey operations and projects.

Other Use: may also include for retort packaging and preparation of food type products.

American Plastics Technologies, Inc. – We manufacture for custom applications.

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