Highest Point

Rao Design International, Inc. Mission Statement:  “To expedite and help projects reach their highest point, by engineering quality solutions.”

We are a company of many services who enjoys serves many industries and taking on the technical nuances for our customers.

To this date, Rao Design provides engineered solutions, with reasonable cost and excellent lead times.  Contact Us

The business was founded proudly in Chicago, IL, USA and the team strives to achieve results for customers.



Rao Design Engineering was formed in the 1960’s and delivered design, project management, machine shop services, and molds for plastic parts.

This facility with a large machine shop developed several new product offerings and started by producing manufacturing machinery, then complete manufacturing equipment projects, and even facilities construction.

  • Some of the main industries Rao Design Internationals has served are pharmaceutical, medical device, food, beverage, chemical,  and plastic molding.

Simultaneously, Rao Design International had developed their own  line of blow molding machines and Blow Fill Seal machines for many custom projects. The progression for making blow molds and injection molds to molding equipment happened very naturally as he applied his scientific insights further to manufacturing.

Dr. Rao K. Murukurthy formed the company and had taken on numerous custom projects, week after week. Ultimately leading to the building of a team with diverse experience and capabilities to take on various projects bringing technology developed in the USA.

Rao Design Scope of Different Services

The original RAO Design Engineering website pictured here.